Shuen-Li Spirit

Kunstenaar Shuen-Li Spirit
Discipline(s) Beelden en Objecten, Gemengde techniek, Schilderen, Tekenen, Textiel, Andere disciplines
NABK lid sinds 2020
Plaats Houten

Profiel Singaporean-born and Netherlands-based, Shuen-Li Spirit is a contemporary Batik artist and a member of the Batik Guild UK. She was taught art at a young age by her talented mother. After obtaining her teaching degree at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, she went on to teach fine arts at secondary schools before relocating to Indonesia. There she continued to refine her Batik skills as a way to connect with her roots.
In 2016, she moved to the Netherlands to live with her Dutch man. Today she is a commissioned artist and she gives Batik classes and workshops in the Netherlands to children and adults alike.

Batik workshops and classes given in:
Creative Town Eindhoven
House of Arts Woerden
Kazerneplein, Woerden
Her own studio, Houten
Stichting Aan de Slinger
Van Houten & Co, Houten
De Schouwsche Boer, Burgh Hamstede
Bibliotheek Nieuwe Veste, Breda
Dierenpark Taman Indonesia, Steenwijk
De Tong Tong Fair: De Batik Stand, Den Haag

2022 (Group) -- The Student Hotel Eindhoven, NL
2022 (Group) -- Minerva Arts Centre, Wales, UK
2022 (Solo) International Creative Women, Eindhoven
2022 (Group) The Steam Room, London, UK
2021/2022 (Solo) House of Arts Woerden, NL
2021 (Solo) Open Monuments Day, Woerden, NL
2020 (Group) 2nd Scientific ReAttach Conference, Skopje, North Macedonia
2019 (Solo) De Meerkoet, Houten, NL
2018 (Group) Makeblijde, Houten, NL
2018/2019 (Solo) Kynologenvereniging, Nieuwegein, NL
2018 (Group) VakantieXperts, Rondje Kunst event, Houten, NL

International Competition:
Painting of the Year 2020


Unicorn (2018)
Shuen-Li Spirit
Batik, H 34cm x W 48cm

Original hand-drawn Batik with pure molten beeswax


Sense of Belonging (2020)
Shuen-Li Spirit
Batik, H 45 x W 45 cm

Original hand-drawn Batik with molten beeswax. The Chinese characters (gui shu gan) means - sense of belonging.


Peony (2019)
Shuen-Li Spirit
Batik, H 44cm x W 54.5cm

Original hand-drawn Batik with molten beeswax


Camelia (2021)
Shuen-Li Spirit
Batik, 20 x 20 cm

Hand-drawn with molten beeswax on cotton fabric, painted with fabric dyes.


Narcis (2021)
Shuen-Li Spirit
Batik, 16 x 16 cm

Hand-drawn Batik on cotton, see my Batik demonstration in my YouTube channel : Art for the Gentle Spirit.


Map of Indonesia (2020)
Shuen-Li Spirit
Batik, 67.5 x 88 cm

Hand-drawn with pure beeswax and painted with fabric dyes. Framed and ready to hang. SEE: FOR COMPLETED PAINTING.

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